Tuition: 15,000–19,500 CZK/month (based on the attendace)
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Enrollment (2019/2020 school year): any time from March 2019
Enrollment (this school year): any time
Age requirements: 3–6 years old

Accepting children younger than 3 years old on an individual basis.
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Starts: in September
Ends: in June
Full Day: 7:30–17:30
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Early Bird Program: 7:30–8:30
Academic Program: 8:30–14:50
Enrichment Program: 14:50–16:30
Late Bird Program: 16:30–17:30

Latest Recommended Arrival: 8:20
Earliest Recommended Departure: 14:30 

We will accommodate the students’ arrivals and departures based on the parents’ needs, but without tuition alteration. The recommended times are based on the organization of the day as described in the Early Blocks of Learning description (read more). In addition to the program described in the Early Blocks of Learning, we will cooperate with parents to facilitate additional extracurricular activities. We will recommend providers and, whenever possible, enable the delivery of the activity at the School’s premises. Extracurricular activities are not covered in tuition. 

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