Our Team


All of our Early Education Program classes are expertly led. Both, the Early Education Teacher and the Early Education Specialist utilize their expertise to create a nurturing, thoughtful, and highly interactive environment for our students. To support the early educators expertize, we partner with professional agencies to bring expert lessons and demonstrations to our school. This supplemental program enables our students to meet with artists, scientist, and entrepreneurs as well as enjoy the hands-on learning experience.

All of our Early Education educators are experienced with teaching young children who are three- to six-years-old, and each has at least a Bachelor's degree. Our educators are equally focused on the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of their students.

The goal of our teachers is to fully support and inspire each child by guiding them through the thematic and content-rich BASIS Curriculum that helps them meet the highest appropriate levels of developmental and Early Education benchmarks. Teachers create a nuanced and truly rich learning environment to involve children in the joys of acquiring knowledge and in becoming self-assured. Our teachers become partners with parents and caregivers. We regularly communicate with families about their child's new experiences and growth.

BASIS Beginners Prague