The educators at BASIS Beginners Prague believe that inspiring and igniting a child’s love for learning as early as possible leads to future academic and real-life success. The BASIS Curriculum Early Education Program is designed to utilize the curiosity, energy, and ability of children—and take it to the next level. 

Our school is a developmentally appropriate and best practices program. We believe that early education must be expertly led by thoughtful, nurturing, creative, and passionate teachers. Our educators create a learning environment where coming to school is a joyful and rewarding experience—and one that purposely maintains the integrity of each child’s imagination and natural wonder. read what they wrote about us in the press or see our videos

Every day, our classroom environment fosters an exposure to a thematic, hands-on, comprehensive, and content-rich curriculum. The early education program (Early Blocks of Learning) consists of two parts: Discovery Blocks and Foundation Blocks of Learning. 

The Discovery Blocks of Learning part of the program is designed for young students who are three (two and a half) and four years old, and creates a blueprint for children to not only transition with ease to the Foundation Blocks of Learning, but also forges a path to becoming enthusiastic lifelong learners. Our older students, ages five and six, move on to the Foundation Blocks of Learning. These growing students look deeply at more substantive subject areas. The material directly prepares them for primary school while continuing to invite questions and reward the natural curiosity and creativity of their young minds. 

While there are distinct academic and developmental goals for both the Discovery and Foundation Blocks, an important feature of our program is its multiage instruction character. We utilize the most effective methods to enhance the students’ learning experience in an environment of diverse physical and intellectual development. As members of a carefully managed micro-community, they not only learn from each other, but they also learn how to navigate in heterogeneous groups in the future. read more about Early Blocks of Learning