The primary language at our school is English. 


We accept students regardless of what their native language is.

Our Lead Teachers are  English Language Experts without any Czech knowledge.

All administrative staff and Teaching Fellows are fluent in both English and Czech.


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Full immersion or multi-language approach: The method used at BASIS Beginners Prague, and then in BASIS International School Prague, is often referred to as Full Immersion. This method is successfully implemented in all BASIS International Schools. Students will be taught in the English language at first almost exclusively. In the initial years before our schools reach their full size, the choice of language might be limited to Czech and a minimum of one additional language, based on the prevailing interests of our students and parents. Students who are interested in obtaining a diploma that is recognized by the Czech government and Czech citizens will be required to take the Czech Language.

Multi-cultural challenges: The multi-cultural and multi-national nature of the BASIS Beginners Prague school community brings specific challenges. While our program recognizes the global nature of the world for which we’re preparing our students, in the early years the program is quite focused. Because our goal is full English immersion, and since the curriculum is based on our American model, we focus on the English language, English & American literature, history, and culture. On the other hand, since our school is located in Prague, the standard curriculum will be tailored to make sure that students benefit from their environment, which is rich with intriguing history and culture. 

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